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Louisiana Creole Seasoned Salts in Five Delicious Flavors

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Colonel Lee’s Louisiana Creole Seasoned Salt

Economy Quart

Add a Louisiana twist to your next dish with our seasoned salt for everyday cooking, and seasoning large volumes of food like Creole gumbo and BBQ.

Our economy quart-sized spice blend is available in five different flavors. Order today and enjoy our special sale price of $32.00. Get an additional 5% off when you use coupon code YES at checkout.


Louisiana Creole Seasoned Salt

1 Gallon Restaurant/Kitchen Pack

The original Creole seasoning blend that sparked the seasoned salt craze, Colonel Lee’s Louisiana Creole Seasoned Salt now comes in one full gallon size. It’s the perfect size for refilling condiment shakers at restaurants, pizza parlors, and delis, or seasoning large quantities of meats, vegetables, or seafood.

Choose your favorite from five different spice blends and add it to your cart. Save an additional 15% on orders worth $69.95 when you use the coupon code YESYESYES.

Colonel Lee’s Large Three-Pack Seasonings



Get three large 14 or 15oz. containers full of our patented Louisiana Creole spices. Available in four different spice blends, you can buy three of the same flavor or mix things up depending on your preference.

Whether you’re serving fish, pork, or chicken, you can count on Colonel Lee’s Louisiana Chicken and Seafood Seasoning, Louisiana Creole Seasoned Garlic Salt, or Louisiana Creole Red Pepper Hot Seasoning to add that special kick for a mouthwatering dish.

Don’t forget to choose your flavor combination when ordering. Special sale price is $39.00 and you can get 5% off by using coupon code YES.

Colonel Lee’s Regular Combination Three-Pack Spices


Don’t let appearances deceive you—these small 4 or 5oz. containers contain spices that can still add an authentic Creole flavor to your cooking. You get to choose from five different blends including Dave’s Weekend Warrior spice rub upon ordering.

For maximum value, our 4/5oz containers have nearly one full ounce of delicious seasoning. Also, when your order is worth $24.95, you can get an extra 5% off by using the coupon code YES.

Combine this with our other products and you can get an additional 10% off with coupon code YESYES for purchases that reach a total of $39.95.

Colonel Lee’s Combination Two-Pack Flavoring

1 4/5oz. and 1 14/15oz.

If you’re looking for a new spice blend to try alongside an old favorite, get our Colonel Lee Combination Two-Pack today. We offer five different spice blends for our 4/5oz. container and four different options for our 14/15oz. container.

Before placing your order, please specify your preferred flavor for each size. For purchases worth $24.95, save 5% when you use coupon code YES. If your order totals $39.95, get 10% off your order with the code YESYES.


Colonel Lee’s Large Combination Two-Pack Dry Rub


Our Newest Creole Spice

Dave’s Weekend Warrior

Created on July 4, 2016, this seasoning was developed to celebrate our 50 years of spice production. We believe that everyone loves to grill. Our company has been developing this new spicy seasoned salt in response to all of our grill-firing, sports-loving, biker riding, hunt-loving, fish baiting, tailgating, and tree-hugging dudes, dudettes, and all outdoorsy folk.

After many tasting trials by our friends and family, we went back to our original blend of 22 herbs, spices, and other ingredients that were developed more than 50 years ago. We returned to that special seasoned salt which became our famous Colonel Lee’s Private Stock, “The Original” Creole Seasoned Salt.

We named this delicious new spice Dave’s Weekend Warrior to honor all of the wannabe grill chefs out there who spend their weekends charring hamburgers, burning ribs and beans, blackening fish fillets, chugging down beers and living the griller’s dream. All the while saying to themselves, “Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about!”

Order four of our 4oz. containers and receive all four flavors. You only pay $24.95 including shipping and we’ll throw in a free 5oz. container of Dave’s Weekend Warrior.